YumYum: The Puaghlin Mayor


  • OOAK artdoll completely handmade (have not used any type of mold).
  • All fabrics and supplements have been made, sewn or hand- dyed.
  • Internal structure made of aluminum wire and fully sculpted with a mix of Fimo and Prosculpt polymerclay.
  • This sculpture is Semi-poseable.

All orders are shipped in 2-3 working days after receipt of payment.

Note: This piece is not a toy. It is an artistic work and should be treated with care.

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As a good lover of the crap and inhabitant of the stinky moorlands, Yumyum loves garbage and rubbish as the most. However; his position as mayor of the Puaghlin village means that he is always aware that his peers do not go out of line and are seen or trapped by humans during one of their quests in search of construction materials and ornamentation among the piles of garbage that human beings throw everywhere.

His kind and kind character has carved a remarkable reputation among his neighbors and rare is the time he must face one of the members of the Puahghlin community.

This OOAK creature is approximately 15cm tall and is entirely handmade.