Travis, the Green Swamp Troll


  • OOAK sculpture entirely handmade (no type of mold has been used except for the skulls and bones).
  • All fabrics and accessories have been made, sewn or dyed by hand.
  • Internal structure of aluminum wire. Head, hands and body sculpted with Fimo and painted with acrylic paints. Measures approx. 22cm high.
  • The troll sits on a solid base in the form of a marsh diorama.
  • This sculpture is not posturable.

All orders are shipped in 2-3 working days after receipt of payment.

Note: This piece is not a toy. It is an artistic work and should be treated with care.


– Fim Fam Fobum, Who dares to cross my beautiful swamp? – Perhaps these are the last words, that the unfortunate adventurers who pretend to cross the wetlands of melancholy, listen before disappearing into the mud and the rotten logs that with great difficulty  keep afloat in this anguished place.

Swamp trolls are rarely observed and do not usually interact with humans due to their extraordinary misanthropy but Travis is in a certain way – special.

His exacerbated taste for human flesh has caused this irritable troll to come out of his quagmires in search of active adventurers to whom to put the claws … and if able to, the tooth.

The Palus Troglodytarum is one of the most elusive and territorial known troll species.