Stone Spirit Grey Kodama



  • This spirit of the forest is made of polyurethane resin, it is a copy of an original sculpted in Monsterclay that has been specially sanded, treated and painted in a unique way. Each piece is different since it has been painted by hand and each detail is unique.
  • Its measurements are: 16cm in height, 9cm in width and 8cm in depth.

The shipment will be made between 2-4 weeks after receiving the full payment and of course the piece will be protected in a special packaging so that it does not suffer any kind of damage.

THIS IS NOT A TOY it’s a piece of art so you must treat it with care.

Available on backorder


The rains will arrive soon and hundreds of tiny tree spirits gather in the thickets of the forests to celebrate life and communion with Mother Earth. These small beings of tiny size are experts in camouflaging themselves among the foliage and go unnoticed by most humans, who are absorbed, walking through the meadows, forests and parks without paying the slightest attention to the wonders that are hidden in them.

They are kind and affable beings, friends of joy and celebration. But be careful not to violate their sacred places because they are at the same time powerful messengers and can give notice to the Elder Spirits, protectors of trees and plants, to give you a well deserved lesson.