• Put a little magical cretaure in your life and let it fill your life with magic.
  • They have an internal poseable structure and are made of polyurethane resin, polymer clay and faux fur.
  • Each creature is about 17 cm tall.
  • All the creatures come with a birth certificate.

Being a presale this item will be shipped once  the creature is completely finished within the next 4-8 weeks after full payment is complete. Of course the creature will be  shipped very well protected in order to prevent any damage.

Important: Each creature will be created by strict order of purchasing and each of them might look slightly different because this is a handmade product.

Available on backorder


Sometimes in one of those occasions when you feel a bit blue, sad, stressed or depressed, when you hardly can manage what comes over your shoulders or you just focus on the dark side of daily routines… when you feel that what you do does not have sense anymore or you have lost something or someone really special in your life you might be lucky enough to face “it”, to find and reach the ultimate reason of those feelings. You might be lucky enough to look at the eyes of the creature responsible for that hard moments…

I did lately, I faced my fears and sadness, I faced that old, heavy on your shoulders and dark creature lurking at every corner, at every step of the way. I expected a huge, scary and ominous creature that would simply devour me as soon as I´d step in front of it… but nope, nothing like that.

I found my self standing in front of a cute furry creature, probably him more scared than I was, shaking and trying to hide as a tiny mouse scaping from a cat.

I´ve definately learnt something essential out of this experience. The more I study this creature the more I understand that as blind as they are they simply want to fill their hunger and feed with our fears, with our nightmares with our bad thoughts, the darker we get the heavier and bigger they become… but when you face them, when you look at them in the eye they become harmless and they can become a perfect pet if you know how to handle them properly.