Mico: The Puaghlin explorer


  • OOAK artdoll completely handmade (No mold has been used).
  • All the fabrics and complements have been dyed, sewn or made by hand.
  • It has an internal wire poseable structure and is sculped with Fimo polymerclay.
  • This artdoll is semi-poseable.

Todos los pedidos de OOAK son enviados entre 2-3 días laborables después de la recepción del pago.

Note: Esta pieza no es un juguete, es una pieza de artesanía por lo tanto es frágil y debe tratarse como un objeto decorativo o de colección.

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As a good puaghlin, Mico enjoys its endless and relaxed mud baths in the landfill near its small village of just under 20 individuals.

Its mission is clear, locate human artifacts and waste for the use and enjoyment of their beloved neighbors. The Puaghlin are basically recycle creatures of everything we humans discard. However; Their original nature was very different and they were mostly formed beings of earth element so they were intrinsically linked to the forest and the grottos.

The advance of our machines and deforestation, pollution and toxic spills have caused a profound change in these small beings and have had to adapt to the new circumstances that they have had to live by our extreme greed.

Now Mico dedicates his time to the exploration among our filth with the intention of bringing back to his village, construction elements for his houses or pieces that can serve as a demonstration of social status in his clothing and accessories.

This OOAK creature is approximately 15cm tall and is entirely handmade.

It is made of Fimo polymer clay and all its clothes have been sewn, dyed and aged by hand.

This piece is not a toy so it should be treated as an artistic piece only as decoration or collecting.