Japanese Kappa- Wall trophy PRESALE



This Japanese Kappa head measures approx. 18 cm high. This is a faux taxidermy trophy to hang on the wall. The creature will be sent once the payment has been completed between 5-6 weeks after receiving it. Of course each one will be sent in a special packaging to avoid damage.


This is a handmade piece so it should be treated with care. This piece is NOT a toy.

This Japanese Kappa head has been made entirely by hand, it is a polyurethane resin copy taken from an original sculpture and painted entirely with acrylic washes. The mold is made of silicone and each piece is demould, sanded and specially prepared.

The additional elements are sculpted in Fimo and the hair is aged and treated synthetic hair. The eyes and the water on his head are made of resin.

The head is mounted on a specially treated taxidermy wood display case.

Measures approx: 18cm long x 18cm wide. Depth 18cm.

If you need a payment plan for this piece do not hesitate to write to me.

The shipment will be made within 5-6 weeks after receipt of full payment and of course the piece will be protected in a special packaging so that it does not suffer any type of damage.