Homer, the Homunculus


  • OOAK artdoll completely handmade (have not used any type of mold).
  • All fabrics and supplements have been made, sewn or hand- dyed.
  • Internal structure made of aluminum wire and fully sculpted with a mix of Fimo and Prosculpt polymerclay.
  • This sculpture is not poseable.

All orders are shipped in 2-3 working days after receipt of payment.

Note: This piece is not a toy. It is an artistic work and should be treated with care.


In the home of every self-respecting alchemist there must be at least one homunculus or tiny being who sometimes becomes the servant, helper or advisor to the Adept. These tiny and unattractive companions are often born fruit of the alchemical art itself and are created inside the flask using the most hidden secrets born from the belly of the Great Art. Each alchemist is responsible for its creation and care and only when the Master has died the Homunculus can be free to run under the tutelage of a new alchemist. With them they usually carry all the secrets of their former masters … and I do not want to tell too much … but this specimen, which recently came to visit me looking for a new home, seems to have a small fragment of a blood- red stone hanging around its neck. that is somewhat suspicious isn’t it?.