Gray Tickle



  • This horned tickle has been completely made manually, it is a polyurethane resin copy taken from an original sculpture and painted entirely with acrylic gouache. The mold has been made in silicone and each piece is removed, sanded and specially prepared.
  • Inside it has a positionable skeleton.
  • Each Tickle has an approximate size of 17cm.

Being a pre-sale item, the shipment will be made within 4 weeks after receipt of the full payment and of course the small Tickle will be protected so that it does not suffer any type of damage.

Note: THIS IS NOT A TOY it’s a piece of art so you must treat it with care.

Available on backorder


Fruit of an investigation carried out with my eldest son in the remote landscapes of Asturias (North of Spain) we found this strange species perhaps related in some way with the famous Japanese Yokai as the Neukegen, maybe it is a European variant. These cute beings, completely covered by a dense fur, seem to have the ability to see in the dark without difficulty and like to hide under beds, cupboards and tables and in dark corners of our homes in search of food. They present a tremendously curious habit and worthy of more exhaustive study and is to compile lint and dust from the floors of our houses in order to make a kind of pellets with these materials that deposit, in the places mentioned above who knows for what purpose.

What is clear is that they are largely responsible for the annoying itchy feet that sometimes disturb our sleep and makes us wake up to scratch like crazy in the middle of the night. As we have seen in our studies, they do this to sharpen their little horns against our feet … it seems that they find it stimulating.