How to sculpt your own Goblin (Digital eBook)


The strange diary of Dr. Artheus P. Hawthorne

  • Downloadable eBook in PDF format.
  • In this tutorial we will learn together how to create a Goblin step by step and from start to finish , you´ll be following techniques that I use myself, I will guide you through detailed instructions that are very easy to follow and you will learn tricks and very useful tips that I myself have been developing in my experience.
  • 93 pages and more than 360 step by step color photos.
  • You will find original illustrations and sketches and a lot of ideas to develop your own characters.
  • – It is also not necessary that you have previous knowledge of clay or sculpture, you only need illusion, wish to create your own creatures and a little bit of pattience!
  • This eBook is written in ENGLISH.


  1. Acknowledgments
  2. And what is all this about?
  3. Why should you prick your hands and create a Goblin?
  4. Ok, so what do I need to start?
  5. Materials and odds and ends
  6. The strange diary of whose?
  7. Before you start
  8. The strange diary of Dr. Artheus P. Hawthorne
  9. Modeling the head
  10. Wrinkles and expression lines
  11. The ears
  12. Sculpting hands
  13. Sculpting the feet
  14. Do we paint?
  15. The Structure
  16. How about some dirty clothes?
  17. Do you tease me?
  18. Details, details
  19. Final photos
  20. Templates
  21. Give your creature a twist.