Making the creatures of your dreams come to life

Let the alchemy begin!

If you are looking for a creature that is not available in my store or in my gallery and you want to bring it to life with my hands,It is very simple. Follow the next steps!

An exciting trip to your imagination

Describe the idea you have in mind, what creature it is and what proportions you would like. The limit is set by your imagination!

Shaping your dreams

I will study your proposal and if it is possible to do it, in a short time, I will send you a detailed budget for the elaboration of your creature or dimensional entity.

Some of my creations

Discover here some of the many creatures to which I have brought to life...


What they say
about my creatures...

Completed Orders
Satisfied Customers
MmsteffeeOhio (USA)

Absolutely breathtaking work. It's truly amazing to see how here in Goblin’s Lab don't just get made - they are born, they come alive.

Ryla RavenTexas (USA)

Wonderful as always! The amount of detail and love that goes into your dolls are amazing. You are a wonderful hair stylist, tailor, and creator. 🙂

Marta RamirezKojonup (Australia)

Moisés Espino is an amazing artist, he creates magical beings from the Fae World, each an everyone crafted with the utmost care and attention.

John O'Brien

Moises is a great artist, great seller and great person to deal with. His models are so life like, detail is outstanding.


Fabulous work of art! Created with so much love and care, the detail is beautiful, came with a certificate and date of birth. Would recommend this artist.

LauraNorthumberland (Reino Unido)

Absolutely magical! Such a wise and kind character, even more wonderful than I could have ever imagined!

Monem Shafik

It was wonderful to see the detail in this work. I have never seen anything like this and was very impressed. I had no idea things like this could be made with such precision.


When you buy items from the Goblin’s Lab you should have no doubt that what you get will be quality work with details that will make you happy.

Sare HeathersdaughterSwansea, Gales (Reino Unido)

I cannot say enough good things about my new wee friend! He is stunning! And Moisés is wonderful. Sweet and helpful to converse with, highly recommend in all ways!