The soul behind

Goblin’s Lab

By profession dreamer, sculptor and craftsman, eternal apprentice of life. I am a creator of fantastic creatures, founder of Goblin's Lab, storyteller, lover of granny´s old fairytales and nerd of ancient mythology.


Passionate about magic, alchemy and the extraordinary details hidden in daily life

Since I was a little tadpole I have felt a strange and sometimes somewhat irritating obsession with monsters, trolls, elves, fairies, goblins and mythological creatures and legends that are told all around the globe. Up to here nothing weird, right?

As the Phoenix Bird reborn from it´s ashes I am convinced that the tiny details contain the most immense treasures. I work with my hands and heart for fantastic people who want to rediscover the magic in their day to day and decipher the secrets of this magical and wonderful universe through the eyes of a child.

My work flow

There is something incredible in the fact of bringing creatures to life with your own hands, a magical alchemy is created between yourfingers and the polymer clay, is an old "Solve et Coagula" that first begins with a basic sketch and little by little,by distillation process a small creature full of stories and personality acquires life before your eyes... I truly love it. That is the reason why I have decided to dedicate all my efforts and passion to share what I feel when creating them with everyone who, like me, has heard the call of the Fae.

My references

Throughout my life I have been influenced by such great artists that their imagery is already part of my understanding and vision of the world: Brian and Wendy Froud, Alan Lee, John Howe, Toni Diterlizzi, or Paul Bonner among many others have made me dream of fantastic kingdoms and forgotten creatures. Thanks to them I am as I am. Thanks to them I have I decided to help bring magic back to the world, through my personal vision, by extending these magical creatures
throughout the globe.

There is no fantastic creature that
do not seek refuge in my laboratory.
I invite you to discover them and to make
them a comfy place in your heart.
You dare?

Come into my workshop. Welcome to my soul.

Adopt one of my creatures!


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